Confronting challenges facing British Muslims today

Abdul Haqq Baker is a British Muslim convert and former chairman of Brixton Mosque, in south London. He is also founder and director of Street UK and author of Extremists in Our Midst: Confronting Terror.
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This website provides a platform to discuss various issues relating to British Muslims, identity and society as a whole. In view of the increasing challenges facing us societally, grassroots voices are increasingly required to participate in discussions around who we are and what we stand for. Whether it is religious or far right extremism, further polarisation of communities based on these types of ideology threaten to take us backward as a society. For this reason, the website seeks to distill the most useful and positive narratives to counter the predominantly destructive discourse regarding Muslim values and identity.

The Harrisburg Terrorist: My little brother and the quandary of self-radicalization

Jan 20 2018

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Jerusalem isn’t the problem: Our lack of a cohesive response is

Dec 13 2017

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Zero Sum Game: The defeat of ISIS?

Oct 19 2017

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The Institutionalisation of Islam

Jul 21 2017

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Shades of Terror: Death by a thousand cuts

Jun 19 2017

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Grenfell Tower: Timely ‘accident’ or ‘Untimely’ Social Awakening?

Jun 18 2017

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This is NOT for Allah: London Bridge Attack

Jun 04 2017

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13 Reasons Why: The (un)acceptable face of suicide

May 08 2017

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Converts are [not] the problem

Mar 27 2017

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